What To Know Before You Go!


Your bags are packed, your passport is renewed, and you’re about to embark on an amazing adventure with Blyth Academy.

What should you expect? How do you balance your curiosity to explore new sites, experience the different cultures, and make new friends while successfully completing a course in eight weeks? As someone who has completed a Blyth Academy international Summer program and Global High School, I thought about the same things. Before you depart, make sure you consider these five tips to ensure you enjoy your program and excel in your courses.


Download your course work and assignment on your computer ahead of departure – the majority of your work and tests will be online, and you need to make sure you’re prepared to work when you can.

As I experienced, there will be locations where the Wi-Fi is poor or unavailable, and if you have the course work downloaded, you can continue to make progress and complete assignments on time without stress. Have your work pre-downloaded not only saves you a lot of time but saves your teachers time as well. This allows you to be more efficient and complete coursework.


Do not procrastinate! Every day you will explore your surroundings and try new things but there will also be time to complete courses, and it is vital that you use the given time effectively and efficiently. Don’t leave things until the end of the night or push them off to the next day. Blyth Academy taught me how to plan out my time better – I was a procrastinator before I went on their programs!

While travelling, I learned that if you don’t put in the effort to get your work done when you’re given time, the deadlines catch up to you very quickly. There will be new adventures every day that you’ll want to experience, and you don’t want to miss out because you didn’t finish an assignment on time, that will only add stress!


Sleep is very important. At the beginning of your program, you’ll have tons of energy to make new friends, chat with roommates and explore a new destination. Over the course of your program, the fast pace will start to wear on you, and you’ll realize that getting enough sleep is key to enjoying every minute of your journey. Having a roommate who’s also your friend can be exciting, and you may find the urge to stay up late talking and having fun. Obviously, this is part of your experience – but having said that, learning when to go to sleep so you have enough energy for the activities the next day is just as important.


Be flexible. Although most of the program will be planned, there are always unexpected changes and delays that are a normal part of international travel. On the positive side, there will also be new excursion opportunities offered throughout your program.

My advice is to use these travel delays to work on assignments or ask teachers questions so you have the extra time to join in on any new optional excursions offered along your exciting journey. The teachers will be glad to help you at all times, and love working with eager students who want to learn more.


Work with other students. One of the benefits of choosing Blyth Academy International programs is travelling with other like-minded students who have chosen to study their courses while travelling the world, just like you. Use this to your advantage and communicate with everyone. Not only will this help you with schoolwork, but also with making friends. Over the course of your program, you’ll make incredible friendships and will discover that many of the students work together and help each other to successfully complete their courses. We travel, learn and support each other on our adventure.

With these tips, I hope you’ll be better prepared to successfully complete your courses while experiencing a program of a lifetime with Blyth Academy!