Gettin’ Groovy at the Guggenheim

After a very long Tuesday evening without AC, the students got up and soldiered through a morning class to sharpen their minds for the afternoon to come. All except for our Math and Photography classes who spent their morning doing class in the gorgeous area around the stunning Guggenheim Museum. They enjoyed a lovely espresso at a cafe, as well as had an incredible time spending all of their class breaks (between all of their hard work of course) playing on the massive playground beside the museum. From all reports (and pictures,) this was their favourite class of the year so far.

Large outdoor art in Bilbao

By the time 1:30 PM rolled around, the rest of the classes were ready to be escorted down to the area around the Guggenheim by me and their teachers, where they were given an hour to wander around and to get a delicious lunch from one of the surrounding restaurants. Many of the students decided to get their lunches to go and eat along the river in the park surrounding the Guggenheim. Overall it was a lovely afternoon.

students under spider at Guggenheim

Finally, it was time to enter the famed Guggenheim Museum, designed by Canadian Frank Gehry, and to bask in the vast variety of sculpture and modernist art enclosed there. Some of the students even found a carousel inside the museum which they were able to ride around while “observing” the art on the walls around them.

students riding a carousel

Thursday was a very uneventful day. Students had a morning class before a bus transfer from Bilbao to San Sebastian in the afternoon. Most students did a little bit of homework before a very early bedtime. The reason? A 3:00 AM wakeup call to make it to the running of the bulls on time Friday morning before the sunrise.