‘Twas The Night Before Exams

Greetings Blythlings!

‘Twas the night before exams, and all through the town, every student was studying, and straight buckling down!

After an amazing sleep in and late breakfast at 11am, students began their final study day! They took advantage of the pools, the beach, the office, etc. to hunker down with their books. After some temporary darkness (the power went out), we got together for our last Mario-made dinner. He didn’t disappoint; we had delicious quesadillas and brownies for dessert!

Following dinner, the studying continued with students taking a break for cookies and chips by the pool. It was then an early night to make sure we’re well rested for tomorrow’s exams and final banquet. We plan to make the most of our last day!

Your friendly neighbourhood activity coordinators,
Justine and Erin

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