Kalamata to Athens

Yesterday the Blyth Academy crew travelled to the last destination of our adventure – Athens! The students said goodbye to the sunny, sleepy beach town of Kalamata and headed to the hustling and bustling city of Athens at 10 am by bus. The drive lasted 3 hours, with one stop for lunch along the way, and the group arrived in Greece’s capital city at 3pm. Upon arrival the students settled into their rooms and had free time until 7pm dinner to study, buy snacks at local bakeries, and spend time with friends.

After dinner, a large group of students took a trip by metro into the heart of the old town of Athens to a popular spot called the Plaka. The Plaka is a historical district of Athens made up of authentic Greek restaurants, shops and attractions. The students enjoyed souvenir shopping and getting gelato or baklava and headed back to the hotel for 11pm curfew to rest up for an early morning at the Acropolis.

The next morning breakfast was served bright and early, at 6:30am, so the group could beat the crowds (and heat) and be at the Acropolis by 8am sharp! The students climbed up the ancient steps to the ruins of the Parthenon and a breathtaking view of the city of Athens.

After learning about the ruins and temples and taking pictures, the students were dismissed to explore the Plaka further and head back to the hotel for lunch and more studying. Class was held at 5:30pm and dinner served at 7pm!

After dinner, students hung around the hotel to complete more schoolwork and to prep for their culminating assignment as the final few days of the courses draw near.

Tomorrow brings more exciting adventures for the Blyth Academy Rome & The Greek Islands Crew so keep up with us!

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