Kalamata and Diros Caves

The Blyth Academy crew has been busy over the past 2 days with studying, beaching and adventure-seeking. Yesterday included 2 sessions of class, one in the am and one in the pm. In between sessions students grabbed lunch at sleepy beachside restaurants, swam in the sea to cool off from the day’s heat and hung out at the pool in Tiki-themed chairs and couches.

After dinner, many students headed downtown Kalamata for ice-cream and baklava to celebrate Angelica and Alyssa’s birthdays. Others chose to take a night off from the action, recharge and stay in to catch up on schoolwork. Today was the excursion to the famous Diros Caves. Students boarded the bus at 8 am sharp and headed off on the 2-hour winding drive through the mountains through the Mani region of Greece. When we arrived at our location, students swam in the sea to cool off and bought snacks at the restaurant at the cave’s entrance.

Once it was our group’s turn to enter the caves, 6 students piled into each boat and were led through 1.5km of the 14km of discovered cave. The students were in awe of the magnificent stalagmites and stalactites that had formed for over 1 million years in the freshwater lagoons, some of which boasted a depth of 100m!

After the caves, it was back on to the bus to head back to Kalamata for more class before dinner.

Tomorrow in Greece brings more water adventures and beach volleyball at night with the Blyth Academy crew. Stay tuned!