Sparta and Mystras

The past few days have been quite active for many students. We’ve held tennis tournaments and basketball games on the grounds, a ton of swimming in the sea and in the pool and a few excursions that had students getting their step count to record highs!

We made friends with the humble staff at the Elite, and they were nice enough to offer our entire program a free Greek dance lesson. They opened up one of the air-conditioned rooms in the conference centre and taught us how to dance to “Sirtakis” more commonly known as Zorba the Greek. What a great way to end off our much-loved time in Kalamata.

students dancing to sirtakis

Our Latest and last optional excursion on the program was a day trip to the ancient city of Sparta and the breathtaking fortified Byzantine city of Mystras. Dimitri our guide was an archaeologist full of information on both locations. He started our tour off at the statue of Leonidas and explained about Sparta’s historical past and gave a brief explanation of Mystras before we got back on the bus for our hike through the cobblestone streets of Mystras!

students on stone bridge
students walking down old stone steps
Our week in Kalamata is coming to a close, were off to the capital of Greece, Athens, the home of the famed Acropolis and many other 5th Century B.C. landmarks.

Kyle Girardo
Assistant Program manager/
Activity coordinator