Sailing Expedition

Yesterday our group A began their sailing expedition through the Saronic islands in Greece, and Krysty reported back with an amazing couple of days with me tonight! Her boat was named Sophia, who of course was stationed on that boat so we knew it was meant to be a great journey to come!

students on bow of sailboat

Yesterday they hit the beautiful blue waters and headed toward the small seaside town of Aegina! She said it was absolutely gorgeous of course, and once they docked in the marina, they got some free time to check out the place. As they walked down the main strip, they got to try the famous pistachios and pistachio pesto, butter and brittle, among other things! They are locally grown and farmed and are absolutely delicious! They had a magnificent dinner on the beach, about a foot from the water and a perfect view of that bright orange Greek sun, setting over the mountain and boats in the distance. We have moved on from Italia so that means it was time for Greek Salad, tzatziki, and halloumi, oh my!! The students were so excited to try this fresh food and it did not disappoint! Once they signed out, they got to stroll the vibrant streets and boardwalk, full of people from all over! I know a few had some gelato, tried a Greek frappe, and savoured the fresh sea salt air.

students eating dinner at sunset on beach

Today they woke up after an amazing night sleeping on the boats under stars! She said it was so calming and relaxing listening to the peaceful sounds of the water and marina. Everyone is so happy that the humidity has gone and they can really take in their surroundings! After about 45 minutes of sailing, they approached a beautiful island with the most turquoise coloured waters! They anchored in, and tied their flotilla of boats together to have a couple hours of swimming, music and sun! They continued to sail and all of a sudden heard the skippers yell something out, there was a family of dolphins swimming with the bots and jumping next to them! They said they don’t always see them, so they were very lucky!! Everyone was overly excited and now relaxed and enjoying this new country. They have now arrived in the Peloponnese with another beautiful day to greet them, and they were given a few hours to roam the streets, ultimately ending with another Greek dinner! The restaurant was a very traditional Greek one, with authentic food, apparently the best tzatziki, and was in this beautiful orange tree filled patio!

students swimming in the ocean

Today in Poros we had a beautiful day as well. The students went to class, followed by a nice long lunch. The restaurant some of them went to had a beautiful panoramic view of neighbouring islands and was truly a sight to see! Some of the students enjoyed an afternoon at the beach and overall, we had a relaxing day on this end as well! Our hotel Goldenview has been amazing with its food, accommodating everyone and making such good food that they are all having seconds! The students have now signed out for some free time, and will be headed back soon for curfew!

Hope all is well back home!