The Greek Islands

Kalimera (good morning) From Greece!

The past few days few on the program have been filled with all the quintessential Greek experiences! Students in group B have been on the island of Poros settling in at the Golden View Hotel which boasts endless views of the surrounding Greek islands, witnessing beautiful sunsets and sunrises daily, strolling through the quaint little seaside town and enjoying the very adored tasty Greek buffet for breakfast and dinner by the sea.

students eating dinner by the ocean

Many students enjoyed ample opportunities to swim, some jumped off the small pier from our private hotel beach, while others floated on recently purchased floating toys in the pool.

The weather has been amazing! Group A has been sailing the Saronic Islands, swimming in remote locations, jumping off the boats and stopping at a different picturesque port each afternoon for some lunch, free time to explore the town, classes and traditional Greek dinners at the tavernas!

students sitting on bow of boat
students standing on boat deck
After dinner they set up comfy beds on the deck of the boats where they fall asleep under the stars and sounds of the sea, and wake up to a stunning sunrise in paradise!

One more day of island hopping and we’re off to Kalamata where we will be staying at the impressive Elite City Resort for a week. Always a favourite year after year! Stay tuned for more updates!!

Kyle Girardo
Assistant Program Manager/
Activity Coordinator