Kalamata and Diros Caves

Kalamata is truly the place where students have been able to relax, get comfortable with their surroundings and get a great routine going. The Breakfast and Dinner buffets at the Elite are unmatched, there is a spacious conference centre for classes, a stunning pool for a dip between classes and many activities on the grounds available to keep active or finish schoolwork!

We had a big turnout for the Diros Caves adventure! The clearest waters we have seen yet greeted students at the entrance. We were put into groups of 6 and 7 and boarded little boats through these remarkable caves!

The Diros caves are part of an underground river about 5000 metres exposed thus far accessible by boats. We proceeded through narrow passageways full of Stalactites and stalagmites of all sizes, shapes and colours. In certain parts of the caves, we had to duck our heads, as the caves got mysteriously low while around the next corner were hiding massive open spaces.

Our guide told us that these caves are thought to have been places of worship in the Neolithic period, and these people believed it was the passageway into the underworld. We felt as is we were in an adventure movie like Indiana Jones. Once we reached the end of the river portion, we walked 300 metres more through the windy paths of the cave in awe of the natural beauty. The end of the tour brought us back out into the sunshine and we walked along the beautiful clear waters for some amazing photos before heading back to the bus.

Next excursion on the schedule is Sparta and the abandoned Byzantine city of Mystras!

Kyle Girardo
Assistant Program Manager/
Activity Coordinator