Birthday Fun and “The Kalamata Open”

Today we had our second birthday of the program and we celebrated in style for Lisa’s big day! Our students had a full day of class and I got a chance to wish her well when I found her with some friends in the pool for the afternoon break!

students hanging out in the pool

Later in the evening, we all got together for our awesome nightly buffet dinner, only this time, Kyle and I surprised Lisa with a cake and present. Our whole group sang to her with the ocean and sunset in the background, and then 20 out of our group of 34 joined us for an epic beach volleyball tournament that we named “The Kalamata Open”.

student with her birthday cake

We walked down the main strip to the volleyball courts and I quickly split the students into teams. After a quick warm up, everyone came up with a team name and we began round-robin play! I was so impressed by the determination, the excitement and the skills our kids have!! Tonight was definitely some entertaining stuff! There were constant huddles, high fives, and cheering all around, I had no idea the amount of intensity that would come from this tournament!

students playing volleyball

After round robin, it was a three-way tie for first, so they played three mini-games to 5 points to determine seeding for the semifinals! Our semifinals got pretty extreme as you can imagine, and before we knew it, we were down to the final 2 teams: Kyle, Sophia M., Portia, Lauren and Christina came out on top with a victory over the Gladiators! (Djordge, Anton, Sophia F., Andrea and Lisa). Everyone is pretty tired out now, most of them went for a quick dip in the ocean to cool off, and now they are all in their rooms ready for another day in the beautiful town tomorrow!

group photo on volleyball court

Hope all is well back home!

Program Manager