Hello Parents and Caregivers!

Twenty-five days! Twenty-five days together in two different countries. That is a significant amount of time to share an experience of a lifetime together!

It began in Rome, the Eternal City. There, it was about building relationships and becoming a family. It was so good and so hot. #sogoodsohot

It was time to cool off a bit, so we hopped on a plane and headed to the prettiest of the Greek Isles
in Greece – Poros. The Golden View Hotel sitting perched on the top of a beautiful beach. At night we ate gelato and shopped the strip.

Then we set sail. Our flotilla consisted of four 100 foot boats and we set across the Saronic Sea. During the day we anchored and swam in secluded beaches and coves with a colourful collection of floaties. And at night we docked and dined in different island marinas. At night we slept under the stars as the waves rocked us to sleep.

It has been a joy to see learning happen in so many different places and spaces. Experiential learning where questions matter more than the answers and the learning happens in the doing. Can you imagine sitting in the theatre of Dionysus at the Acropolis experiencing a lecture? Or participating in an after-dark photo shoot at the Vatican? Or acting out Caesar’s fate in the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina and also gathering at the Agora in the centre of Athens to share mythology presentations and so much more? These are just some of the incredible learning opportunities that the students were able to experience.

Balancing class time, individual work, excursions, walking tours, and free time is often one of the biggest challenges to learning abroad. I stayed connected and dropped in on classes. It has been exciting to see the students mature and become more independent and confident in their ability to navigate new situations with others.

Looking around during the final banquet tonight, there is a definite transformation in each and every student. They are more confident in how they interact with each other. No question, lifelong friendships are in play.

Thank you! Thank you parents and caregivers for sharing your children with us. It has been an honour and a privilege to learn alongside with them, to laugh with them, to be there for them and to share in the joy of travel. You have exceptional children and I have every belief they will be successful in whatever they pursue in life. Good luck to all in their future endeavours.


Lisa Neale (Program Manager) & David D’Alberto (Assistant Program Manager)