Today we visited the famous Diros Caves

38 students divided into several tiny boats, floating over 15km of winding narrow passages on an underground river that ends at the sea. The water is crystal clear, and the whole cave is decorated up and down with stalagmites and stalactites, illuminated in soft yellow, making us feel like we were getting into something magical. No wonder these caves were considered an entrance to the underworld in ancient times.

Around the area, the sea was unbelievably clear. The whole region is beautiful. Just the bus ride to reach the caves would be already worth the trip: 2 hours zigzagging on the mountains, with spectacular views of deep blue waters surrounded by rocky cliffs, several villages with houses made of stone and ruins of old castles, olive trees extending over entire hills, and amazing beaches isolated here and there.

On the way back, all tired and happy, the students went on to class, then dinner.

For those who stayed in Kalamata, it was a relaxing day to enjoy the beach and catch up on homework and assignments. Classes are going well, and the exams are getting closer. Let’s get ready for them!

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