This morning students woke up to a tasty breakfast buffet at the Stanley, and shortly after eating, at 9am sharp, we met in the lobby to embark on our journey up to the Acropolis. I am happy to allow our guest blogger, Lili, to speak about her experiences of the day, as this monument was at the top of her list of things to see. Take it away Lili!

“This morning, along with my fellow Blyth students, I did something I have only ever dreamt of doing before. I went to the Acropolis.

It was different than I expected; monuments always somehow look bigger than one expects them to. The view was breathtaking, and the iconic Parthenon itself elicited an immense amount of pure classics-nerd excitement in me. The former temple of Athena (since it is, in fact, a ruin) has undoubtedly lost much of its grandeur since the days of ancient Athens, but this gives even more of a historical air to it. The enormous pillars and stone walls have stood for thousands of years, an amount of time that we, with our eighty-year lifespans, cannot really fathom at all.

Some classes gave presentations at the Acropolis, a culminating event that gave us all a sense of finality as we reflected on our trip and the sites we have visited. I can’t imagine that there was a single student who experienced this trip without saying “wow” at least once, or without feeling a sense of awe at some of the places we have seen. Whether one finds history soporific or as fascinating as I do, it is impossible to deny that sites like the Acropolis are incredible to see firsthand.

The feeling I had overlooking Athens today is not one I can experience at home. There is no history like this in Canada. Every single day I’ve been on this trip, my love for history and learning about classical civilizations has deepened, and it culminated today. As our trip draws to a close, I’m reflecting on this growth of a passion I’ve had for so long, something that could only really happen here. This has been a truly amazing experience, one that I will never forget. On behalf of all Blyth students, we are incredibly grateful to everyone who made this possible.” – Lili

Thank you Lili, I couldn’t have said it better myself!