Dear Parents,

I visited the 9/10 Iceland program on Saturday evening in the Golden Circle just north of the capital, Reykjavik. They had just finished what most described as the best day of the program followed by watching a bike race (in which one of our teachers competed) and then were off to the hot springs after dinner. Tough competition for me.

The group is staying in a lovely, new Icelandic hostel in Langavatn although it is more comfortable than most hotels here. I met the owner who complimented the group on their excellent behavior including our 11/12 program that had stayed four days earlier. The hospitality, the food and view from the dining area are all exceptional.

The group is doing really well and loving Iceland. I spoke to them about travel and learning and complimented them on choosing the Iceland program amongst so many other possibilities. Joe Pignataro, our Program Manager spoke admiringly of them and said that they were delightful to travel with in Iceland.

Thank you for sending your children with us – you have much to be proud of in them. They are in very good hands with our staff and teachers and they have much to look forward to in the next few weeks as they explore this incredible island.

Best wishes,

Sam Blyth


Blyth Academy