Beautiful Kauai

There’s a song that goes “There’s an island across the sea, beautiful Kauai, beautiful Kauai”.. and as we settle into our new base camp and final island stop, we have been absorbing the natural rugged beauty of this island. The lushness, the freshness, space and indeed the beauty!

Beach on Kauai

We had an exciting start to our time here in Kauai with a visit from Sam Blyth who has been visiting many of his programs all around the world and just flew in from Japan. This is the 10th year of Blyth Hawaii so it was a pleasure to welcome him back to the Islands. He spent time talking with the students and hearing their thoughts on the program as well as inspiring them to continue travelling and exploring.

group photo of students with Sam Blyth

Since arriving we have had 2 full days of class and one more tomorrow. Much fun and adventure is planned for this weekend so it is a great opportunity for students to get stuck in the academics now, with the promise of respite on the weekend. I particularly enjoyed watching the English class write poetry on the beach today.

student writing poetry on the beach

It does feel good to finally unpack and know that we will be here for over 2 weeks. Home sweet home. We are staying on the east coast of the island in a quiet town called Kapaa and students are rooming in triples in their own apartments. This means that they have their own kitchen facilities with fridge, oven, sink etc and so they can make their own breakfasts. Yesterday I went breakfast grocery shopping for 38 which is always quite the experience. After my third trolley load from Costco, I was asked if I run a smoothie business!

English teacher Derek Begley has started running morning yoga and afternoon circuit training. Students are beginning to do their own laundry. After the fast pace of the last 10 days, we are slowing down and settling into our new home.

It’s past curfew here and students have asked me to take them on a sunrise hike up the Sleeping Giant mountain so it’s a 5 am on the horizon.

Good night from Paradise and Aloha!

Sophie Williams
Program Manager