Final Days in Hawaii

Our students were very focused last night on preparing for their exams. In my conversations with students all day on Sunday they were commenting on the amount of studying they were doing and also taking time to eat and relax, they were striking a good balance in preparation. Last night at 10 pm we met in the lobby and distributed study snacks to reward their hard work, students were appreciative for the snacks but were calm and confident moving into tomorrow. They are ready.

We have a wonderful last week on the island of Kauai. Students have enjoyed settling into our resort and have been balanced in their approach to having fun but getting things done for school. The program community has continued to solidify as those bonds of friendship strengthen as we approach our journey home. This week students were fed very well with BBQs, Chinese food, Mexican food and pizza. There was so much food that many came up for seconds followed by dessert. They were definitely getting a great deal of fuel to energize them for school and all the fun activities were were doing.

Activity highlights this week were zip lining for a large number of our students who all came back very happy with the thrills combined with the relaxing swim of the zip lining adventure. Our photography class went on a very muddy hike to a beautiful waterfall, all of them came back very muddy but with big smiles on their faces. On Saturday night, many students went into see to experience the local fair here and enjoyed an evening of carnival games and rides. It truly has been a week of students enjoying their time here in Kauai but at the same time having a balanced approach to their free time to keep up with their academic responsibilities.

Exams are being written today (Monday) followed by an afternoon of packing and cleaning up their apartment rooms before getting all dressed up for our authentic Hawaiian Luau tonight. Tomorrow we have a later flight (7:25 pm) and will be coming home for Wednesday afternoon in Toronto. I will send a reminder of our flight details in an email home to parents today.


Jason Smith
Program Manager

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