Catch UP Blog!

It was a very busy weekend followed by the start of our last week of classes before our exam on Monday, August 19th! What a weekend we had! For some students, they did all three major activities from Saturday to Monday this past weekend. Such an amazing experience for our program in Kauai.

This past Saturday our whole group boarded a bus for Hanalei Bay, a short 40-minute ride with amazing vistas of beaches and valleys of Kauai. Once we arrived in Hanalei many of the students and staff fell in love with such an amazingly beautiful beach. In the morning our group was split in three and one by one the groups were given a surfing lesson followed by a guided attempt at surfing in Hanalei Bay. Students came back with big smiles on their faces that the ‘did it’ but were tired, surfing is hard work.

Students had a break to eat and re-hydrate themselves before stand up paddleboarding (SUP) on a river that feeds into Hanalei Bay. Some students doubled up and did SUP as a tandem and some students decided it was a good way to get a swim in at the same time as they fell off the board a few times. Before boarding the bus back to our hotel in Kapa’a students had some time to shop. What an amazing but tiring day!

On Sunday morning 18 of our students were up at 5:30 am to board a bus to the Napali Coastline for a zodiac boat tour with swimming, snorkelling and lunch included. Our group lucked out with the calmest Pacific Ocean our captains had seen all year this year. We were able to cover over 40 miles of coastline (there and back 80 miles) to see such beauty that is the Napali Coast. Napali simply translated is ‘Cliffs’ and what cliffs they were. Students were able to take some amazing pictures of Spinner Dolphins as we stopped and experienced a pod of over 1000 dolphins. When snorkelling in Turtle Bay students snorkelled and saw up close turtles that were well over 100 years old. We got to go into many sea caves to see how waves carve away at the cliffs and create new habitats for birds and marine life too. Our ride back to Port Allen was not as smooth as the morning but the students loved the bumpy ride and when we returned safe and sound they all kept chatting about the amazing experience we had.

On Monday morning it was back to working on our courses, starting our last week of classes before our exam. In the afternoon we were shuttled away to Kalapaki Beach. The beach is on a very calm bay, students spent the afternoon tanning, swimming, playing volleyball, shopping and eating at the nearby restaurants and food trucks. A great way to enjoy an afternoon before coming back to the hotel for dinner.

This past weekend was truly an amazing experience for our Hawaii program and it is evident that this weekend really cemented a love for Kauai!