Biology Classes – Check in

Our biology classes have been working hard and are on their final unit of the course. Hawaii has been the perfect place to study biodiversity, plant adaptations, population dynamics and more! Our poolside classroom has been a welcome change to the buildings we are used to during the school year.

The grade 11 class made excellent dichotomous keys to help classify various Hawaiian plants and animals they came across while in Kona. They just finished up their evolution unit project where they documented evolutionary theory through photos they took while in Kauai. After working through questions on the circulatory and respiratory system, they’ve experienced first hand the impact of exercise on heart rate and breathing rate while surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and more!

The grade 12 class is now working on the homeostasis unit – ask them to explain how they have been adapting to the heat and humidity and you’ll get an excellent answer of temperature control as a negative feedback loop. They have just finished up a case study reviewing the impacts of climate change on Hawaiian bird populations on Kauai. After paddling out to surf and stand up paddleboard on the weekend, they experienced anaerobic respiration at it’s finest with some lactic acid build-up and sore muscles for the next couple of days – a perfect way to experience our metabolism unit.

With only one week left they are all working hard to complete the remaining assignments and experience as much of Hawaii as possible!

Looking forward to more exploring this week!