Zip Lining


We had another action-packed day here on Kauai! As usual, we began our day with our morning meeting and morning classes. Now in the home stretch, we are wrapping up our courses and students have begun to work on their culminating projects.

At noon, I headed to Kauai Backcountry Adventures for an afternoon of zip lining on Mt Waialeale! Boarding a 1970’s Swiss Army vehicle, we headed up a dirt path to zip lining course. Setting out of the truck, we were greeted by breathtaking views of the mountain, rivers and the lush valley below.

Once we were all in our safety gear and had our safety brief, we headed to the first line which our guides referred to as the “bunny slope”. Facing my (intense) fear of heights I was clipped in and took a (literal) leap of faith. As the afternoon went on, my fear slightly eased and I was able to enjoy the incredible views around me. Meanwhile, our students (who were not riddled with fear) jumped off the platforms with ease, taking photographs and even striking a few poses. After seven lines (ranging from 500 meters to over 1000 meters) we arrived in the valley. Unclipping our harnesses and removing our helmets, we headed to a picnic table for a quick snack before cooling off in the river!

Back at our hotel, students headed to the Coconut Market to enjoy live music feature local artists (and even a mother-son duo). Sitting on the grass and lost in the music, students reflected on the trip and all of their wonderful experiences. Partway through the concert, a few of our brave students took the stage for a hula lesson. While they may not receive any awards for their techniques, they put on an incredible show for everyone!

For dinner, we enjoyed Hawaiian Ramen from one of our favourite local restaurants. After dinner, students enjoyed a quiet night in playing cards and working on their culminating projects. We can’t believe that this is our last weekend here in paradise and in a few short days, we’ll be boarding a plane headed for Canada!

Teacher & Activity Coordinator