Secret Falls

Hello everyone!

Today we had a wonderful Saturday. For many of our students, they left our hotel at 8:30 am for a day of hiking, kayaking and waterfall spotting! Kayaking a total of 12 KM today, students experienced something they once only believed happened in Disney movies. Winding their way up the river, they marvelled at the lush greenery and listened to their guide sing, playing his ukulele and quite literally speaking to birds. Throughout their journey, their animated guide told them the history of the island, the rivers and the secret waterfalls.

After kayaking in the hot sun, students finally arrived at their destination, an incredible (and powerful) waterfall. Beating the heat, students plunged into the cold water made up of rainwater, which spent several decades winding its way down the mountain to its final resting place – the natural pool. In between dips in the pool, students explored the area and even walked behind the falls, marvelling at its might and power. After a quick lunch, and some more music, students jumped back into their kayaks and headed back down the river for home!


Teacher & Activity Coordinator