Pool Party & Bonfire Night


This morning we had a slower start to our day, waking up and cooking our breakfast in our own rooms before meeting at 9 am for our traditional walk and dip in the ocean. Dave (who was in Hawaii last year) led us down the boardwalk, past a few great lunch spots and to a lagoon for swimming. Even though it was only 10 am, we were already hot from our short walk and rushed into the ocean to cool off. The rest of our morning was spent body surfing in the ocean and hanging out poolside. After lunch we all met for our classes, grade 11 English students beat the heat in the AC, grade 12 English students had class in the local marketplace, while our photography students went for a photo walk!

students standing on the beach

After classes and a quick change, we met by our pool for a BBQ and pool party. In between cannonballs into the pool students enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, chips and of course veggies (which we finished in no time!).

student sitting in the hot tub

Once we had our fill of food and the pool we all headed back to our rooms to change into warmer clothes for our beach bonfire. Gathered around the fire, we all took turns roasting marshmallows for Smores, singing along to our favourite songs. Some of our students even took turns entertaining us with their ukulele skills!

students sitting by the fire
group of students by the fire
Sitting by the warmth of the fire with sand beneath our toes and the sound of the ocean behind us, we realized just how lucky we all are to be here on this incredible island. I know that when we leave in two short weeks, we will all be heartbroken as Kauai already feels like home.

Teacher & Activity Coordinator