Last Stop, Kauai!


We have officially made it to our final destination of the trip and our home for three weeks – Kauai! This morning we started our day in Maui with breakfast poolside and spent our last few hours taking in the ocean and taking a last dip in our pool before heading to the airport. Once again we had a short flight (totalling less than 40 minutes, leaving barely enough time for them to serve coffee and juice) to the island of Kauai. Coming onto land we were able to see the true beauty of the island, from mountains to forests to stunning beaches, and now know why they chose to shoot part of Jurassic Park here.

students with suitcases travelling

This evening we walked the “long” 100-meter walk to the local market/shopping area where we dined on delicious pizza. After dinner, and before we headed back to our hotel for the evening we took a walk to our local beach to take in our surroundings. Watching the waves roll in, crashing against the rocks, we realized just how powerful (and beautiful) the ocean is.

students on the beach

Back at our hotel, students spent the evening getting acquainted with our hotel suites and headed for a night of swimming in one of the three pools!

students huggin in pool

Meanwhile, some of the teachers headed to one of the local groceries stores to grab our breakfast supplies for a few days. Tomorrow we will start our day with a walk to a local beach before heading into our afternoon classes. We can’t believe that we’re already a third of the way through this amazing program!

Teacher & Activity Coordinator