Kauai by air!


Today we had the most magical day! As usual, our day began with our morning meeting and class, and discussing our afternoon helicopter ride! Our Grade 11 English students spent their morning working on Macbeth, reading (in various amusing accents) various scenes. Meanwhile, our Grade 12 English students began their poetry unit beach side. Photography students took advantage of the sunny weather and continued to work on their Genre Studies portfolio. Just before lunch, our classes were interrupted by a sudden (and short) downpour of rain, which much to our dismay did lower the humidity, causing our students to run for cover!

student studying on the beach

This afternoon, 25 students took to the air to see Kauai by helicopter! I went was joined by a group of five girls, who were all excited to view this incredible island from the sky. Listening to soothing music, our pilot shot straight into the air, beginning our tour up the coastline.

students standing in front of helicopter

Throughout our flight, “Uncle John” (our pilot) told us of the geography and history of the island. Gazing out of our windows we took in everything from the stunning blue ocean views to the deep reds of the Waimea Canyon. Soaring over the Na Pali coast, the lush forests and through the misty mountains, it truly felt as if we were flying! Rounding a bend to Mt Waialeale, a silence fell over us as we took in the impressive waterfalls through the mist, no words could ever compare to the beauty of this island.

students riding in helicopter

Back at the hotel, we spent the evening at the pool, enjoying burgers and salad in between canon balls into the pool! Tired from another long action-packed day, we traded shopping for an evening poolside, enjoying each other’s company.

Teacher & Activity Coordinator