Hiking, Kayaking and Movies!

Hello everyone!

For eight of our students, their day began at the (very) early hour of 5 am to go and hike the Sleeping Giant to view the sunrise. Students began their accent in the dark, using flashlights to guide their way. After a 45 minute hike up, they reached the summit, their hard work was rewarded with extraordinary views and a brilliant sunrise! On their descent, students decided that they hadn’t had enough exercise and hiked down the other side of the mountain, climbed back up once more and headed back to the van for class, totalling 10.5KM before 8 am. Upon arriving back at the hotel, the students jumped into the pool (fully clothed) to cool off before changing for our morning meeting and class.

students at the top of Sleeping Giant Mountain

After lunch, 15 students headed off with Chris (our Program Manager) for an afternoon of kayaking and cliff jumping. Students paddled up the river, seeing various wildlife ranging from fish to chickens along the shoreline. At the end of the river, students stopped at a cliff for cliff jumping. Taking turns students leapt off of the cliff into the ocean below and even participated in a cliff jumping contest (resulting in conflicting information about who “won”). Paddling back down the river, students headed for the bus and back to our hotel for the hula show!

Before dinner, we headed to the Coconut Market square to view a traditional hula show put on by the Kapaa cultural society. Students were given a taste of traditional Polynesian dance and song. The dancers performing ranged from elementary to high school students who perform and compete regularly!

students watching Hula show

Dinner tonight consisted of food from our local restaurant (BBQ chicken, rice, salad, and fried bananas) followed by a large chocolate cake! Following dinner, our students crowded into a room for a night of movies. Watching Moana, students munched on chips, popcorn and chocolate while singing along to all of the songs! Overall, it was a perfect end to a day filled with activity and cultural experiences.

Teacher & Activity Coordinator