Hiking The Sleeping Giant & Bonfire Night


My day started very early, with a 4:30 am wake up call to take the last group of students up The Sleeping Giant. We began our 5 KM hike in the dark at 5 am, hoping to make it to the summit before the sunrise. Battling the humidity (“feels like 40”), dodging frogs (who didn’t bother to move) and covered in mud (from last night’s rain) we wound our way up to the top. Tired, hungry, sweaty and a little breathless, we made it to the summit just before sunrise, only to find that we were amongst the clouds and wouldn’t be able to see it! However, Mother Nature took pity on us and the clouds began to clear as we sat on the rocky summit overlooking the island. As the only ones at the summit, we couldn’t believe our luck! Enjoying the breathtaking view, we could see for miles and heard nothing but the wind rustling the trees and (of course) the roosters crowing! After several minutes of sitting in silence and a few photos, we made our way back down the winding path and back to our hotel for a much-needed shower!

students atop Sleeping Giant mountain watching sunrise

The rest of our day was spent in our classes finishing up our culminating assignments and studying for their exams tomorrow. After a long day of classes, we enjoyed a (much needed) night of relaxing! We had our final pool party and BBQ for dinner, watching a slideshow (created by our Photography students) of our program while chowing down on burgers, hot dogs and veggies. When the sun began to set, we changed out of our bathing suits and headed over to the beach for our final bonfire. Roasting marshmallows, we reminisced on our the last 21 days, all of the incredible experiences we have had here in Hawaii and about wonderful friends we’ve made.

students sitting around fire

Teacher & Activity Coordinator