Final Banquet and Luau


Today was our last day here in Hawaii, and we can’t believe where the time has gone! This morning, we headed to the local church where our students wrote their final exams, and their 21 days of hard work has finally paid off. Once finished with their exams, students enjoyed a blissful free afternoon. Students headed to the Coconut Market grabbing their last minute souvenirs, lounged by the pool and soaked up the last drops of vitamin sea.

After a relaxing afternoon, we all gathered together to take some photographs before heading to the famous Smith Family Luau! Stepping off of the bus, we were greeted by the most incredible garden filled with various trees, flowers and wildlife (yes – even the famous Kauai chickens!). Taking a tram, we were given a tour and a brief history lesson before the Kalua ceremony (the cooking of a pig in an underground oven or an imu).

students riding in tram

Heading to our tables, we were serenaded by live music as our mouths watered at the smell of the food! For dinner, we enjoyed various traditional Hawaiian dishes ranging from a fresh cucumber salad, pineapple mahimahi and poi. Throughout dinner, we were entertained with live music and hula lessons. After stuffing our faces we enjoyed a dessert of fresh fruit and coconut cake. Following the delicious meal, we were lead to the stage where we were given an incredible show of various Hawaiian, Polynesian and other historical dances! We marvelled at the beauty of the hula dancers, cheer for the haka and were wowed by the fire dancers.

group photo at Smith Family Luau

Returning to our hotel, we all gathered in the lobby for a final speech from our teachers. As teachers we all expressed the importance of taking Hawaii back home with them, whether it be their classroom experiences, the friends they made, or simply remembering to breath deeply. As we look back at on our program, we all realized just how much we have grown over the last few weeks. We know that their experiences and memories they have made here on the island will last a life time.

sign saying: Mahalo, until we meet again

“Mahalo, until we meet again.”

Teacher & Activity Coordinator