It’s hard to believe we’re already two and half weeks in.

We’ve shared some amazing memories and experiences thus far. In Kona, we trekked up mountain, gazed across the stars, and swam with dolphins and Manta Rays.

In Maui, we enjoyed the glitz and glam of Whalers Village Beach and indulged in some local cuisine.

In Kauai, we zip lined high above the trees and embraced the beauty of Na Pali’s coastline. We went surfing and paddle boarding too!

Class is in full swing and the students have been working hard on their assignments.

Liam’s English class is busy working on their final essays. Nicole’s class is starting their genetic units. Elyse’s photography students wrote their midterm and are about to start macro and portraiture photography.

While students are working hard they’re working equally hard at keeping a good work/life balance and enjoying the moment. When I asked a few of the students what they’ve enjoyed the most so far, their answers have varied.

Some students said it is bonding and meeting new people others said it’s experiencing the culture and the food. They mentioned the breathtaking scenery and being on an adventure of a lifetime.

The teachers and I have been so impressed by the maturity and kindness displayed by the group. We’ve stressed the importance of teamwork and inclusion and each student has certainly responded in a positive and caring manner. Half-way through, I’m happy to report that everyone is having a lovely time and is safe.

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