What a full last day! Exams were this morning, cleaning, packing, swimming then and last minute gift shopping. But this evening…wow. What a night. The Smith Family Luau is simply the best. A coach bus picked us up and took us to the Tropical Paradise site. Trams (ala Fantasy Island) took us on a tour of the beautiful gardens with the lush vegetation and botanical gardens. Just spectacular. The students had a great time and there was lots of beautiful places to take photos (they will have to follow as there is not time to upload photos tonight). The dinner buffet and music were outstanding. All fresh. All local. All delicious. But there was more. We then moved into an outdoor theatre and watched a very well put together show on Hawaii and the music that makes up the islands. There was fire, lights and lots of energy. The coach ride home was also full of energy and the sounds of the students singing. Absolutely delightful. Students had a wonderful time although a number of them mentioned how it was bittersweet – they had a great time but were sad their time is over.

The flight (From Washington DC) to Toronto lands at 9:39am and we look forward to seeing everyone. Long day of flying ahead of us.