Planes, Trains, and Buses

Today was everyone’s favourite kind of day. Travel day! So to be honest travel days are always a little stressful. There are close to 40 of us navigating a foreign country, hopping on a plane or meandering in lines. But today actually went pretty smoothly. We took a train from Paris to the South of France (a train that reached speeds of 300 km/hr!) and we made it on and off with relatively no hassle. The train ride took the better part of the day to get us to this tropical paradise so I don’t have a lot to share. What I will say is that we are are all very happy to be dipping our toes in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

group photo after arrival in south France

Another thing to mention is that our hotel is beautiful. We have a great pool and the place where we go for dinner also has an amazing pool. It feels great to be able to swim whenever. The Sea is just a short walk away and along the shoreline is a carnival, buskers, and a bunch of little shops. We all can’t wait to explore!

students studying in hotel

Tomorrow, most of us will be sailing all day while the others check out the beach. I’m sure we will have even more stories to tell then!

Until next time,

Ryan Medhurst