Touring Munich

Guten Tag,

Our Bavarian adventure continued today as students enjoyed a sunny day in Munich. Last night students enjoyed an authentic meal at a local restaurant, trying out various samples of German food associated with the region.

students eating dinner in a restaurant

This morning there was a bus tour with a local guide, stopping to point out many sites along the way. This afternoon, students attended class near the hotel, and teachers provided instruction in local cafes near the hotel.

students at the Nymphenburg Palace

Tomorrow we leave Germany for Switzerland and our new home in Zermatt. After a week of fun, which was action-packed and non-stop, we’ll be slowing things down just a little next week, with three days each at our next two stops. This will allow students to focus on their studies as courses become more involved, while still allowing for lots of activities and local immersion.

Bye for now!