Jam-packed couple of Days

Hello everybody!

The past couple of days have been jam-packed full of fun activities! On both Wednesday and Thursday, groups of students and staff went out into the Mediterranean for the optional excursion scuba dive! For many, this was their first time going deep underwater with the assistance of an oxygen tank. The diving excursion began with a half hour boat ride to a special nature reserve along the coast, during which students were educated on the safety procedures involved in a dive. As the diving guides were able to share information more fluently in French than English, it was a great opportunity for our French-speaking students to practice translating information to our English-speaking students. Once everybody felt comfortable with the diving process and signals, they geared up into their wetsuits and masks, and in small groups they began their adventures with a one-on-one guide! Diving below the surface allowed students to view marine life up close and personal; many reported that they saw schools of fish, coral, and even squid! When students weren’t diving, they were taking the opportunity to swim and relax in the beautiful blue sea.

students with goggles going down ladder
student wearing goggles
As our groups were off diving, another small group jumped at the opportunity to go to Cannes! As mentioned in our previous blog entry, Cannes is famous for its film festival and celebrity sightings! Although we didn’t successfully track down Elton John or Neil Patrick Harris this time around, many still enjoyed the day admiring the handprints of celebrities in the ground, hanging out on the beach, but they especially enjoyed the time they had shopping! July is a great month for shopping in France as many deals could be found everywhere!

student with shopping bags

For those who craved a more relaxing day, there was an opportunity to stay in Mandelieu and head down to the beach to get their tan and swim on, or just more thoroughly explore the Mandelieu Castle. Our students deserve every minute of relaxation they can get! They’ve been working so hard in their classes!

students ready to swim

On Wednesday evening, a group of girls chilled with AC Laura and Mme Baird to do some DIY vegan facemasks! Although they may have eaten more of their facemask than enjoyed it on their face, it was still a hilarious and enjoyable experience. The girls couldn’t coax any boys to get involved, but many seemed disappointed to have missed out- we’ll have to get them next time!

students wearing facemasks

On Thursday evening, the hotel allowed our Blyth Academy group to use the pool after hours for a Blyth Academy POOL PARTY! We cranked up our favourite songs, loaded our floaties into the water, and played around for the next three hours. Time flew! Despite our raisin-looking fingertips, it was hard to drag us out of the water! We only have one more night in Mandelieu- we’re trying to make the most of every moment!

Check back soon for more!