Off To Versailles

What an amazing week we’ve had in Paris!

Our wonderful guide Fred who took us on our walking tour of Le Marais was on hand to give us the most wonderfully informative tour of Le Palais de Versailles. We were all blown away by the beauty and scale of the home of Kings Louis XXIIII, Louis XXV, Louis XXVI and Marie Antoinette. Any attempt to describe the vastness of the 800 hectare estate gardens or the intricate details found in every decoration of the palace would never do justice to the experience of seeing the Palace of Versailles in person.

We were treated to an explanation of how all symbols found in Versailles not only represented the French Monarchy before the Revolution but continue to be symbols of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity today”. After the guided tour we had a chance to explore the vast gardens where we discovered orange groves, 160 different shapes of topiary, endless fountains, water features and sculpture. The word most used on our visit to Versailles was “astounding”! The size, vastness, level of decoration, amount of gold, sculptures, paintings and architecture is of a scale that is incomprehensible. We could have stayed for days. What an experience!


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