Au revoir !

Bonsoir !

I can’t believe the time has come to write the final travel journal for France August. It’s been an intense, emotional, and exhilarating experience!

The anticipation to write exams was high, but for dinner, we took a break and ordered in Thai, Indian, and pizza! To top it off, we devoured 4 litres of gelato—who know you could order gelato on Uber Eats?!

As we all sat together enjoying our food, I couldn’t help but notice how much closer everyone was than they were during our first few days in Aix en Provence. The first few days were full of nerves and uneasiness as the group began to make friends, but now it seems as though it could have been years ago that everyone met for the first time!

Before we knew it, we were on our way to our final banquet in La Maison Sylvie at Domaine Chantilly. We found out that President Macron along with Prime Minister Modi of India were having dinner on the property as well—we have never seen so many police and Gendarmes in one location!

Our banquet dinner was the perfect end to an unforgettable program in France. Not only was our food absolutely delicious, but we got to have a nice moment as a group to share our fondest memories and for the teachers to hand out awards based on funny and memorable inside jokes that the classes shared along the way. There was laughter and even some tears as everyone came to the realization that it was almost time to say goodbye!

To all France August students: we had our ups and downs but you are all such wonderful people and I hope that you keep travelling and taking any opportunity you can to study and work abroad. It will allow you to constantly see and understand different perspectives and make you a more well-rounded person. Most of all, be ever-thankful for these experiences and never take any of them for granted!

To the staff who worked tirelessly to make this trip the best it could be: I am forever indebted to you. I cannot think of a better, more dedicated group of educators to enjoy this experience with and I hope you get lots and lots of sleep in the coming days!

It was my honour and privilege to spend the last month with this group to share my love for my favourite country. I hope that you have gained as many life lessons and shared as many unforgettable memories as I did the first time I visited France.

All the best in the future,

Program Manager

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