Paris, We have arrived!

It’s the day we were all dreading but also longing for: the day we travel to Paris! I can’t say anyone was particularly looking forward to having their alarm sound at 4 am, but we’d do anything for Paris.

After a brief bus ride to Cannes, we were ready to board the high-speed TGV train that would take us to the capital in only five hours. For those of us who slept the whole way, it went by in a flash! Those who stayed awake got to see some beautiful views of the French countryside.

Upon arrival at our residence, we had some downtime to sleep, study, or go grocery shopping before dinner at an Italian restaurant down the street. It’s so nice to have everything within walking distance from the residence, and the Metro is right across the street!

From what we can tell, the next two weeks are going to be full of amazing experiences and memories. We can’t wait to see what Paris has to offer! Sunday, we have a walking tour in Le Marais and Monday is the day we’ve all been waiting for… Eiffel Tower!

Le mot du jour : faire la sieste
En anglais : to nap (zzz!)

À demain !

Program Manager