Montmartre & Disney

To beat the blues of coming to terms with only having four days left in Paris, we took the Metro up to Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement to have free time for dinner and shopping, then get back together to take the Funicular up to Sacré-Coeur Basilica.

studnet up Montmartre

Sacré-Coeur contains many nationalist themes in its architecture and is stunning to look at but interestingly enough, carries many unusual characteristics considering its location and period in which it was built. The site hosts huge amounts of tourists, even in the evening when we visited! We enjoyed the fun and inviting atmosphere of everyone sitting on the steps to Sacré-Coeur, admiring the views at sunset.

Fun fact: many of the most famous French impressionist artists, such as Degas, Renoir, and Monet painted in Montmartre and it is known as the most artistic neighbourhood in Paris!

students in front of Castle at Disneyland

The next day was our final optional excursion and we couldn’t believe it. Lucky for us, it was a trip to the most magical place on earth: Disneyland! We loved going on all the rides and feeling the magic, but perhaps the most exciting part of the day was seeing the fireworks show at the end of the night. I promised I’d keep it a secret, but a few students definitely shed some tears during the show!

fireworks show at Disneyland

Le mot du jour : home stretch
En anglais : dernière ligne droite

À demain ! Exam time!

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