Giverny & Vimy Excursions

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The Paris leg of our trip is FULL of optional excursions! Friday took us to Giverny, a small town in the region of Normandy where Claude Monet lived and painted. Along with small antique shops and boutiques to browse, the town also houses the Fondation Claude Monet museums and Monet’s house and garden. It was breathtaking to see the beautiful flowers and water plants that inspired Monet’s stunning work! The day was a chance for us to relax, enjoy the scenery, and practice our portrait shooting of all the bees and butterflies in the garden!

students on bridge in garden

Saturday the group took an early, three-hour bus ride to the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. Vimy is Canada’s largest war memorial and carries large significance for our country and its contributions to the First World War. It was a moving and emotional experience for our students to see such a beautiful tribute to our fallen soldiers, which stands at the highest point of Vimy Ridge.

Canadian National Vimy Memorial

Just a short drive away stands the town of Arras, also a place of significance in the First World War. The group toured the “Boves” underground tunnel system that was built for several purposes including the gathering of allied troops during the Battle of Arras. The students noted that the town appeared much different in terms of architecture than the Roman towns that we visited in Provence—Arras’ Flemish feel is definitely due to its close proximity to Belgium!

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