Adventures in Mandelieu

Bonsoir !

What a fun day at the hotel and in town! We started our day with a stretching and abs fitness class with Marius at the hotel, which was full of laughs and smiles. We also learned that nobody could hold their plank longer than Miss M—impressive!

students stretching in fitness class

All classes spent time in town today. On our way to the waterfront, we stopped at the market, which was full of vendors selling produce, clothing, and jewellery! Miss M’s class presented their “Greatest Greek” debate speeches at Le Château de la Napoule, where Miss O’s class also practiced their listening and speaking skills en français. Mme K’s class has been working on their film critique of “Neuilly sa mère, sa mère” which they saw in theatre yesterday with Mme O’s class, and Mr. M’s class started reading King Lear on the beach!

student wearing fake beard

Students who explored the Château said they felt like they were in the Secret Garden, with all of its beautifully kept gardens and hidden spots! It was truly picture perfect and a day that will stay in our memories for a long time.

student exploring castle

As I sit in my room listening to the downpour and thunder outside, I can’t help but reflect on all of the bonding that has happened among the group this week. Seeing all of the new friendships that are being made brings a huge smile to my face!

Tomorrow is our last day before we head to Paris so naturally, we’ll make it a good one. That’s why we’re off to Nice and Monaco! Stay tuned!

Le mot du jour : amitié
En anglais : friendship

Bonne nuit !

Program Manager