Galleria dell’Accademia

In the heat of August, with studies to complete and panini and pizza to be had, the last thing that any of us wanted to do was go to a gallery and see yet another masterpiece. We dragged our feet in the sun and waited unenthusiastically in line. BUT. when you enter the Galleria dell’Accademia and turn your first corner, you see at the end of this long corridor: Michelangelo’s David. He’s a thing of beauty. David is an important figure for Florence, a city that admires intelligence and craftsmanship above all, and Michelangelo’s David is the epitome of that ideology. A free-standing, 17-foot sculpture, carved from Carrara marble, that originally sat in the square unused because it had been damaged in transport, David is portrayed at the moment before he wins over Goliath. That moment of sheer determination and concentration.

We were awestruck – and then of course, we had to take some selfies!

students in front of the statue of David