We have arrived!

Firenze! Che Piacere Vederti!

We’ve arrived in Florence and set up house! After a long flight and bus ride on Saturday, we finally arrived at the school in Florence. Which is great! We have a floor of rooms to ourselves and common rooms and a cafeteria that leads onto a courtyard! Sarah was here to show us the lay of the land and take us to dinner, which was amazing. Pasta followed by pizza or a burger.

After a short class this morning, we headed to the centre of town for a walking tour! Two hours in the heat, like hotter than hot yoga heat, but we learned so much! We learned that the three colours of marble in Florentine architecture (white, green and red) are meant to represent hope, love, and faith. We saw Arnolfo Cambio’s cathedral, Brunelleschi’s dome, and Giotto’s tower. We learned about the Medici’s (godfathers of the Renaissance) and their support of the Renaissance movement. Particularly the work of Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci (who knew they weren’t just ninja turtles?).

students in front of Cathedral

A presto!