After the Palio Everything Pales in Comparison!

Siena is truly a beautiful medieval city. It’s cobbled streets and arched alleys make you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time. The hidden fountains and huge golden duomo’s that look like castles make you feel like that time was magical.

After a brief walking tour and explanation of the contrada’s of Siena, we went to the Palio. People cram into the central square (il Campo) to watch 10 of the 17 districts of Siena compete in a bareback horse race. The winner? takes home luck for their Contrada for the next year, and 50,000 Euro. The line up is chosen by draw and as the horses gathered and the line up was about to be announced, a silence fell over the square. Not one person (and there were about 12,000 people) spoke. It was eerie and wonderful all at once. After two false starts, the horses finally calmed, and the race started! 3 laps, it takes no more than 30 second -and the Lupa Contrada wins!

What a Rush!
and what a great day!