Hyperbaric Chamber Visit, Salsa Lesson & Karaoke

If you were driving through Cozumel you would see a diving place as frequently as you would see a McDonalds back in Canada. There is at least one on every street corner so it’s only natural for them to have a Hyperbaric Chamber. I joined the Biology class who took a little field trip to the Hospital to check out the Hyperbaric Chamber. We had the opportunity to sit in it and learn about how Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-established treatment for decompression sickness which is a hazard of scuba diving if divers come up too quickly or do certain things immediately after they get out of the water such as taking a hot shower. The heat causes gas particles to expand and form a bubble within the blood which could eventually lead to a stroke if it reaches the brain.

In the Hyperbaric chamber, the pressure is increased in a way that simulates a deep water dive. The person in the chamber is given oxygen to breathe in and then they release nitrogen as they breathe out. This process helps to dissolve the bubbles. The tour was very informative and interesting to experience.

We ended the night with a salsa lesson where we learned two dances (salsa and merengue) and then students belted out some tunes with a little karaoke. It was awesome to see students coming out of their shell as they hopped up on the stage to sing. Overall a great day!

Looking forward to hearing about how the Chichen Itza excursion went when they get back. Make sure to check out the next travel journal to see a picture and read all about it. We also have a soccer game against the hotel staff planned for tomorrow. The winner gets bragging rights for next year’s Cozumel program. We will try our best to make Blyth Academy proud.

Activity Coordinator