The day began quite early for some of our students.

The 5am wakeup had them feeling quite tired but very excited for their whale sharks excursion ahead. They first took the ferry to playa then drove an hour to Cancun. From their they hopped on a boat to head out to the whale sharks (about 40 mins out). They were told beforehand that they were very quick creatures but that people are typically able to keep up with them. Noah (one of the students on the trip) was blown away by their size as he said that they were absolutely massive. They weren’t allowed to touch them because their skin has a protective layer for salt water that will wear away when touched.

Sea sickness was going around for some people but they toughed it out and made it through. For lunch the group then took a boat to isla mujeres which was very beautiful and picturesque. There they got to jump out of the boat to have sandwiches and ceviche in the middle of the ocean (so cool!!). They had a period of relaxation then took the boat right back to Cancun with a drive to playa and ferry back to Cozumel.

While this group expended their energy out on the water we had another group of 15 students playing in a Blyth Academy vs Casa Del Mar staff soccer game! The game was played on a 7 v 7 field and turned out to be an absolute cracker of a match! After numerous key saves from Mike Linton, a few beautiful goals from Jaimie, Anthony (activity coordinator) and Owen (along with a few others) the game ended 9-9. This would not have been possible without the valiant efforts on defence from Ryan Murphy, Alexa, Zain and Will. Everyone was pooped going into shootouts. After 7 shooters or so our team unfortunately ended up falling short. Nonetheless this was an unforgettable experience for the kids that signed up to play and it will surely be one that they won’t forget!

While others who stuck behind got caught up on school work, enjoyed the water and the sun, it was most definitely a very great way to spend our final Saturday here. As the Cozumel Cup is still up for grabs and many activities still in store, this final week will definitely not lack excitement!

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