Hello Everyone!

The past few days have been very busy, not only with class and schoolwork but also with the second and third competitions taking place in the Cozumel Cup! After Tuesday night’s salsa lessons got rained out, some of the students went swimming at the pier while others continued working on their blogs or assignments, and starting their first essay (due Friday!) We’re hoping the salsa lessons we’ll be rescheduled for another night as staff and students were looking forward to learning dance moves and listening to some Spanish music! Yesterday was a busy day of classes in the morning and afternoon. Most of the kids stayed in at night working on their essays while a few headed into town after dinner.

Today the Cozumel Cup continued! In the afternoon we played an icebreaker game called Toss and Talk where you share facts about yourself followed by a game of Telephone Charades (which was hilarious to watch from the sidelines). Points were awarded to teams that had more than 3 members show up — all 6 teams earned a point in this category! Bonus points were also awarded for full teams and good spirit. We also had some of our students completing their PADI course in the afternoon with their final day of diving tomorrow!

For our third competition, Anthony organized a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for later in the day. Both staff and students were very excited for this as the winning team of the tournament would play the teachers! Teams of 3 were formed and the competition took place just before dinner when it cooled off a bit.

Congratulations to our winners from Teams 4&5!

The evening ended with a group meeting and discussing our upcoming excursions this weekend including: visiting a turtle hatchery, Chichen Itza, and horseback riding! Tomorrow will be our first trip out to see the turtles. Looking forward to this unique experience; we’ll let you know how it goes!

Talk soon,

Melissa & Anthony

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