Day 2 was off to a very hot start!

Waking up to 30 degree weather was definitely different from what we have been used to back in Canada this summer. After a long day of travel–especially for our Calgary group–everybody met at breakfast and we discussed the plans for the day. We started off with some icebreakers to get to know everybody a little bit better. All of the students and staff participated in a game of speed dating which helped us meet and learn new things about each other. We then broke the students into teams and over the next three weeks there will be competitions for them to participate in to earn points and an overall prize at the end of the program. The students enjoyed today’s competition and showed awesome teamwork in a relay race in the pool.

In the afternoon, we headed for a walk into San Miguel to explore the town. A bunch of students and staff stopped off for lunch for some authentic Mexican cuisine. We had all sorts of things such as burritos, ceviche, fajitas, and enchiladas. Mmm!

Tonight we’ll have our first dinner all together at Casa Del Mar. We’re looking forward to some more delicious food and a beautiful Mexico sunset!!

Talk again soon!

Your activity coordinators,

Melissa and Anthony

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