What an incredible 23 days!!

After a high-energy day of activities at Paradise Beach Club on Wednesday afternoon, all of the students got back to work on Thursday and Friday in preparation for their final assignments and exams. There was some late-night cramming and some nervousness on the final morning of class, but also lots of encouragement from teachers and fellow students.

After all the exams were completed, it was time to enjoy our final night together. The entire group boarded a catamaran and we set sail for Nachi Cocum, our hotel’s private beach club, enjoying the amazing sunset from the water along the way. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a traditional Mexican buffet which included amazing guacamole and coconut ice cream for dessert!

After dinner, we sat around and watched an incredible slideshow that included pictures and videos from the past 3 weeks. It was an awesome time to reflect on everything we had done and the friendships that had been forged. Next, we presented the Cozumel Cup to the team which had earned the most points through participation in all of the activities organized by our staff (ping-pong and pool tournaments, photo contest, best trick-shot, water obstacle course, etc.). Congrats to Team 2 who came out on top!! After some final thoughts, it was off to the pool party!! It was great to see everyone having such a great time together! It was commented on many times just how inclusive our group was. At 11:30, we boarded the catamaran for the hour long journey back to the hotel. It was a time to take lots of pictures and a time to reflect on the amazing memories that we will take home with us!!

I would just like to say how honoured I was to be around such polite, hard-working, caring, and empathetic young adults. As I told the group on Friday night; they made us proud. They held doors for people. They said “por favor” and “gracias” all the time. They treated people well. They took care of one another when someone needed help. After being on the island for 3 weeks and interacting with numerous groups, I can definitely say that not everyone behaved in a similar manner. Our students were distinguishable by the way in which the conducted themselves. They were great ambassadors for Blyth Academy and for our country.

Thank you to all the students, parents, and staff who made this program such an unbelievable experience for all.

Mike Linton

Program Manager