Soccer, Scuba & Studying!

Hola everybody!

Today marks exactly one week until we leave our Costa Rican paradise, so we’re making every second count! Some students got up at 6:15 for a run along the beach and some interval hill running. Neil, Taylor and Colin got up a little early too to prepare for the scuba diving excursion. The rest got up for the regular breakfast time at 8 am before classes.

At scuba, Neil, Taylor and Colin had an amazing time exploring the deep sea. They visited two dive sites, seeing shipwrecks and all kinds of creatures on the ocean floor. Highlights included sea turtles and white-tipped sharks! After the dive, we went back to the dive shop for one last time and said goodbye to the instructors (and to Smokey the cat).

While those three were deep in the sea, classes were deep in learning! The English classes studied Othello by the pool – Shakespeare is always better in the water. The biology classes continued pursuing their understanding of the human body. Classes broke for lunch then continued in the afternoon, ending at 3:30 to prep for our afternoon soccer match.

Following our beach soccer game versus Team Costa Rica (featuring Mario’s staff) a couple of weeks ago, we were hungry for a rematch. So today at 4 pm, we met at the soccer field to settle things. Students and locals came out to cheer the two teams on as they dawned their jerseys and began to play. After facing an early 3-0 deficit, Team Blyth fought hard to come back. We ended up falling JUST short with a final score of 3-2. Shout out to Audrey and Alex for the amazing goals! We will fight for redemption under the lights on Friday night!

To refuel after soccer, dinner tonight was a delicious spaghetti with tomato sauce, garlic bread, and Caesar salad. After dinner, many students hit the town to partake in dancing and karaoke! Some staff even had surprise performances. Others stuck around by the pool to finish up homework.

Tomorrow, 50 students will be heading to snorkelling! So much left to do in our final week, we can’t wait.

Your friendly neighbourhood activity coordinators,
Justine and Erin