Our Final Banquet


We’re now coming to the close of our final day here in Costa Rica, and it really is bittersweet.

This morning we rose for an 8 AM breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes, Mario knows us well) before students had a chance to ask last minute questions to their teachers before their final exams. Exams began at 10 am and 11 am, and ran through to two o’clock.

Once relieved of the stress of exams, many students headed to the beach to soak up the last of our beautiful views in Coco and also went out for lunches in town. At 6PM, staff checked to make sure students were packed and their villas clean for departure in the morning. We all rendez-vous’ed at the office to take cabs (a surprise, thanks Bertan!) to the Hard Rock Cafe Guanacaste. While there, we were served a delicious dinner and students got to reminisce on our time here in Costa Rica. Once they were done eating, students had the chance to use our fun photo wall and props to take pictures.

Next was the presentation of the paper plate awards. Each teacher came up with a unique award for each student (or a small group of students) unique to something related to their experience during our program. Following the presentation, we watched a 10 minute slideshow encompassing our adventures here in Costa Rica.

The excitement didn’t end there; the celebrations continued! Mario had brownies and ice cream waiting for us back at the villas for dessert. Then, Bertan sent us all to change into our bathing suits for a night swim on the beach. The moonlit swim accompanied by Spanish tunes was the perfect way to say goodbye to Coco Beach. To end out our night, Bertan and Mario organized a barbecue with hot dogs before bed. A memorable and eventful evening, to say the least!

All the excitement tired us out, so now we’re hitting the hay to rest up for our long journey home tomorrow. We’re sad to be saying goodbye to our temporary home, but excited to be reunited with our friends and family (you!). See you soon!

Your friendly neighbourhood activity coordinators signing off for the last time,
Erin and Justine

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