Cooking Class & Sandcastles


This morning we started our day off with one of Marios’ fabulous meals. Fruits, eggs and chocolate chip pancakes to fuel our day! We hit the ground running with a full day of classes. Some classes studied poetry and ran presentations by the pool, others used the restaurant space and one class went to work outside a coffee shop. The students broke for lunch and afterwards, they continued with more afternoon class. Two classes combined for a team teaching session by the pool to study Othello!

At 4PM our Gordon Ramsays met at the restaurant for a cooking class with Mario. They prepared homemade tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, beans, rice and sweaty chicken, a special recipe from Mario! They enjoyed a VIP dinner to try what they had made and it was amazing. Students had fun with it creating tortilla chips in a variety of shapes.

Those who didn’t participate in the cooking class had homework time or participated in sandcastle building on the beach! Dinner tonight was the meal that was prepared by our student chefs.

After dinner, our activity was souvenir shopping! We went into town to check out some of the best shops and buy treasures for ourselves or special people at home. For the remainder of the night, students had the opportunity to sign out and go into town, work on homework, hang out by the pool or relax in their villas. Another jam-packed day of classes has left us feeling tired!

Your friendly neighbourhood activity coordinators,
Erin and Justine