Over the past two days our students have been busy with their coursework and sight seeing in beautiful Costa Rica!

The adventures begin early yesterday morning; a 6:15am run along the beach and a slippery scramble to a close island that is only accessible during low tide.

Once back at the villas a warm breakfast of eggs and pancakes was served. With their stomachs full the students began morning classes. Ms. Morton, Mr. Harding and Mr. Lumsden’s classes worked at the villas from 8:30am-10:00am and then (those students who were interested) piled onto the bus for some experiential learning. Ms. Storosko’s class remained at the villas and the beach all day to work on their media projects and wrap up their unit.

The three classes on the bus enjoyed a scenic drive from Playas Del Coco, through Liberia to the astounding Llanos Del Cortez- a 12m high, 15m wide waterfall. The falls drop down into a calm pool that is ideal for cooling off in. Our students enjoyed hiking behind the rushing falls and playing in its incredible showers. After 30minutes of swimming, climbing and taking pictures the classes loaded back into the bus and drove on to have lunch in the countryside at a quaint restaurant situated between two of Costa Rica’s towering dormant volcanoes.

The group then headed to the highlight of the trip- a frog and sloth sanctuary. We met our guide at the mouth of a leafy forest where he led us through to see and hold vibrantly coloured frogs and slow moving sloths. Each student had a chance to hold a sloth and get an awesome picture!

After our trek though the forest we headed back into Liberia for our last stop and a treat- McDonald’s! Once fed and with a taste of home the van took us all back to our villas in Playas Del Coco.

Today our students slept in with no morning activities and had a tasty breakfast of eggs and potatoes at 8am sharp. Once breakfast had been cleared the students headed off to class for the morning around the pool, at the beach and in the dinning hall.

Once noon hit those students in Ms. Storosko and Mr. Lumbston’s class who were interested all drove to Tamarindo for some more surfing, boogie boarding, swimming and shopping in the quiet surf town.

The students who remained at the villas had a studious day of lessons and studying with lunch breaks at the beach and pool.

Next we are off to Monteverde where the adventure continues!

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