Hello Everyone!

With so many new and exciting adventures daily, it’s hard to believe that we are down to our final 4 days in beautiful, sunny Playas Del Coco.

Yesterday our students had a full day of class, which started at 9am, and were able to catch up on their assignments and studying.

At 2pm, the 20 students signed up for community service set off to the quaint town of Santa Cruz to help out at the Salvation Army. Upon our arrival we were greeted by many local children, from ages 1 to 13 years old, who were excited to meet us. Our group split into three and set to work. One group began preparing sandwiches for the children while a second group made up goody bags of candy. The third group began playing games with the children that included soccer, keep away, monkey-in-the-middle, piggy back races and hand-stand competitions. The kids even taught us some of their favourite Costa Rican games. Once the food and candy bags were prepared, everyone joined in on the fun of playing with the kids. Some students also helped to finish the job of the Blyth July Costa Rica program by painting the roof and windows of the building.
After two hours of rewarding hard work and fun with the kids we handed out some presents we had brought for the children from Canada. We then said farewell to our new friends and headed back to our villas for dinner.

The night concluded with a quick shopping trip into town at the local souvenir shops, a gelato run, and some late night cramming for upcoming tests and exams.

Today was an early start for the students who were signed up for white water rafting. Breakfast began at 7:30am sharp and we were on the road by 8am.

The students who remained at the villas had breakfast at 8am and enjoyed a quiet day of relaxing by the pool and beach as well as catching up on schoolwork.

For our adventurous rafters the day was anything but quiet. After an hour and a half long bus ride we arrived at our destination- a beautiful river situated between two dormant volcanoes in the countryside. We met our guides, spilt off into rafts of four students, were given our gear and off we went down the rapids. Due to the time of year we were able to experience level three and four rapids that sent our rafts flying down the river. Our ride lasted two hours and ended with a stomach dropping 4m drop down a swelling waterfall. Most boats made it down the falls without issue, while other were tossed by the quick currents and capsized midway through, giving the students an enjoyable rush of adrenaline as they tumbled down into the swirling waters below!

After our thrilling white water adventure, the group headed back to a riverside restaurant for lunch. Once lunch was done we got back on the bus and made it back to Playas Del Coco just in time to watch a beautiful sunset on the beach.

The night ended with stargazing on the beach and of course, more coursework.